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This book is covered in scorch marks, obscuring its original light brown color. It smells of smoke.

13 Beware is a story about demons and the most unlucky 14 year old in the world.

A digital drawing of an anthro Virginia opossum from the shoulders up. They are wearing a coat with the collar popped and a club card suit symbol necklace. One ear has a hole in it.

Hayven Skelt

The Skelt family has had a cursed string of bad luck for generations and Hayven is one of the youngest in this long line of unlucky individuals.

Hayven is 14 and in the ninth grade, juggling homework between researching how to solve their family's curse. Finally, they found the most logical solution: summoning a demon.

A digital drawing of an anthro rabbit from the shoulders up with curly dark hair, sharp buck teeth, and dark makeup under her eyes.

Pterry Hail

Pterry Hail, straight A student and most extroverted person in the entire cast of this story. She is smart and naturally talented at seemingly everything she tries! But behind this veil of intelligence and studiousness lies a craving for horseplay and tomfoolery and for her to finally be able to leave responsibilties behind for her dream of being a writer— one of the few things she's bad at.

A digital drawing of an anthro hairless cat from the shoulders up wearing a pointed witch hat with a large brim.

Scurfpea Morg

Scurfpea is a witch, capable of mixing up potions and making the best soup in the town. Scurfpea is quiet and rarely voices her opinions— of which she has a lot of. She gets into trouble at school constantly due to her breaking the no hat rule every single day. She is never seen without a hat on, primarily her wide brimmed and pointy witch hat.

A digital drawing of an anthro foxhound dog from the shoulders up. She is wearing a cowboy hat and a plaid button up.

Charles Pallas

Charles Pallas learned how to hunt the creatures that walk among mortals from her father, a hard man that expected the best from her and instilled a vengence towards other creatures in her that she has kept all her life. Charles just so happened to be passing through Crowdale when she sees a demon walking among the innocent citizens of this town, and she's not one to turn down a hunt.

A digital drawing of a crow creature with tall pointed ears, slightly curved horns, a smaller pair of eyes above the normal pair, and large nostrils. There is a ruff of fur around its neck.


Myrith was born and raised in Infallis, and though it once dreamt of art and freedom, it became a demon at the recommendation of the twin it has always lived in the shadow of.

Despite Myrith's questionable reputation in Infallis, it sees Earth and a deal with the infamous Skelt family as a great opportunity— and a way to show everyone in Infallis just how great it can be.

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