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This book feels kind of fuzzy, like a cat once slept on it and all that fur never quite came off. Holding it makes all your aches and pains go away but it smells faintly of dirt and blood.

Crimson Drought is a murder mystery about cats, murder and vampires.

A digital drawing of a large, longhair calico domestic cat wearing a plague doctor mask.


Fowl is the colony's healer. They dislike conflict and routinely play mediator to the other cats, even though they would prefer to stay out of the way. They are quiet and the other cats sometimes find them unsettling.

They have never been seen without their mask on. The other cats don't know when they eat.

A digital drawing of a small shorthair domestic cat with fangs. He has long fur only in certain places including the tip of his tail, his chest, and his cheeks. He is wearing a collar. His body is turned away from the viewer and only half of his face can be seen.


Sylvester is a pet cat and an outsider to the colony. He is often found on the outskirts of the woods the colony lives in, observing but never getting any closer (to their knowledge, anyway). Fowl speaks to him often and appears to be the only company he keeps other than his housefolk. He is often underestimated because of his small stature and meek personality.

A digital drawing of a red fox snarling at the viewer. She is curled around herself.


Harbor is a starving fox hunting anything and everything she can find, including the cats of these woods. She is always angry.

A digital drawing of a shorthair domestic cat sitting with her tail held high.


Diana is the colony's leader. Confident and social, she is a little hard on everyone but just wants the best out of them. She is much harsher towards her brother Blair than everyone else. She admires Fowl greatly and goes to them for any advice she may need.

A digital drawing of a shorthair domestic cat sitting with his face turned slightly alway from the viewer and his tail held close to his body.


Blair is a guard for the cats, he carries out his sister's orders and protects everyone when needed. He is judgemental and quick to prove himself, but acts much meeker around his sister.

A digital drawing of a shorthair domestic cat laying down. His mouth is open like he is talking and he is wearing a collar.


Cloud is a hunter for the colony by day, and a pet by night. He is brash and confident, but doesn't always have the skills to back it up. His mate is Pandora.

A digital drawing of a calico shorthair domestic cat sitting and staring directly at the viewer.


Pandora is a hunter for the colony. She is standoffish and quiet with most, but tells her mate Cloud everything. She zones out a lot.

A digital drawing of a longhair domestic cat loafing. He has fur on his face that resembles a pair of bushy eyebrows and a mustache. He has a scar on his back.


Arty used to be a pet but joined the colony after his housefolk died. He leaves the main camp only to go on walks. The younger cats go to him for advice all the time, but whether this advice is actually good is yet to be proven.

A digital drawing of a shorthair domestic cat sitting with her back to the viewer while she bends her head back to look at the viewer.


Jigsaw is a fighter for the colony, but rarely ever feels the need to do her job. She is a little shy but is one of the kindest cats in the colony. She thinks Fowl is lonely and so spends time with them when everyone else is busy.

A digital drawing of a shorthair domestic cat standing. One of their back legs is heavily scared and held off the ground.


Cody is a fighter for the colony, but is currently on break after injuring one of their back legs. They are excitable and tries to see the silver lining in everything.

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