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A gif with the text trans rats! in all caps on the left and a pikachu sprite from pokemon on the right. Pikachu waves its arm, blinks, and twitches its ear. Trans Rats!:A pokemon themed site with tons of collections! My favorite part is the creator's last team from each region is on that region's plush collection page, and each team member has their own little profile!
A picture of an animal from Petz 5 zoomed up to its eyes. On the right the text says Dib's lab in all caps. TOXOPLASICITY: An Invader Zim themed site that also has Petz hexes, Deltarune art, and the creator's original characters. My favorite part has to be Dib's art, but I love all the transparent Petz animals scattered around too.
A gif of a little computer object head character on the left bouncing up and down and text that says BeebFreeb. BeebFreeb: A site for Beebfreeb's art, including a webcomic called Daisy in DREAMLAND. While I'm not caught up with it, I really like the art for Daisy in DREAMLAND and I absolutely recommend you to check it out.
A gif of jack o' lantern glowing with the text hallowdaze in all caps. HallowDaze: A Halloween themed site active during October with some scary stories, spooky facts, scary gifs, and a fun little choose your own adventure style haunted manor. My favorite part is the haunted manor by far, it's so fun to explore.
A gif with a skull that blinks with the text horror gif in all caps. It then cuts to pixel art of a closed book with the text necronomicon in all caps. The Horror GIF Necronomicon: A site full of horror gifs of all shapes and sizes, all sorted into neat categories! Not only is this a very good resource, but it's also just very fun to click through. My favorite has to be the bird section. There's vultures!
A gif of two pokemon sprites, one is a porygon that is floating up and down and the other is a mew that also floats and then spins in a circle. There is text that says shiny exe. Shiny EXE: A Pokemon themed site with all sorts of sprite art and interesting lists compiled by the webmaster. My favorite part has to be the Claw page, it's just adorable and all the art for it is wonderful.
A button that says the nowhere zone in all caps. An eye is on the right side next to the text. NOWHERE ZONE: An amazingly designed site showcasing the webmaster's art! My favorite pages have got to be the MS Paint and Kidpix pages, they have such cool formatting.
A button with the text slinky fam with two gifs of people dancing on the left and right sides. Slinkystuffiefam: A cute little site full of slinky-themed writings, images and games. I love the virtual slinky page. I could play around with that slinky for ages.
A button with the text Primordial Dungeon in the middle and two flickering candles on either side. PRIMORDIAL DUNGEON: An absolutely beautiful site with choose your own adventure style connected pages and some interesting little writings.
A button that says the wolf den on the left and an image of the moon on the right The Wolf Den: A wolf themed site with a very cute design.
A button that says William Afton in purple text that sometimes flashes yellow and a sprite of William Afton on the right. William Afton: A very cool William Afton fan site! This site has some in depth FNAF analysis about William that I would absolutely recommend to any fan.
A button that says pokemon found with a pokeball in the bottom left corner and a magnifying glass in the bottom right Let's Find Pokemon! FOUND: An amazing archive of the Pokemon Let's Find book series! Personally, I had the Gold and Silver book as a kid and I used to love scouring through it, looking at all the little interactions between the Pokemon. Looking at this site was extremely nostalgic and even if you didn't grow up on Pokemon, I would recommend taking a look, at least for the wonderful and complex art of these books.
A button that says fairygore in fancy lettering. In the background there is a painting of two women with their heads mostly submerged in a pool of water. Fairygore: A stunningly designed site full of the maker's reviews of books, movies, and music, as well as the webmaster's writing. I especially love the Over the Garden Wall shrine, it's so well put together and researched.
A button that says lunospace with stars in the background and pixel art of bellflowers on the left. lunospace: A very well designed site with a windows theme. I just love how everything opens in a new little draggable window, it's so insanly cool.
A button that says pipistrelle with pixel art of a sunflower on the left Pipistrelle: A cute little site with a some shrines! Each shrine also has links to other sites themed around whatever the shrine is for. I found some really cool old LOTR sites through it!
A button that says the dark forest and a tree with an eye on it on the left. The Dark Forest: A delightful site with a ton of little secrets to find! And of course playlists! Pretty much everything has a cool look to it, especailly the guestbook. My favorite part is the Azrael page. I'm predictable.
A button with pixel art of a gray wolf muzzel with the text Chronodove on the right in red. Chronodove A lovely little site with some really cool themeing!
A button that says creature journaling. Creature Journaling A world building project centered around different characters researching different creatures.

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