A world map of the planet sol, which is always written in all caps. The map contains one large contintent and three smaller islands. At the very top of the large contintent there is a grassy area dotted with trees bordered by a river that leads to a lake shaped like a cat's head. The river forks with the area between the two forked parts labeled Lyre, which is bordered by a mountain range an its right side which borders the coast of the continent. The river and mountain range also border a large forest at the bottom labeled the Green. Below the Green is a gulf labeled Gulf of Gore. The Gulf of Gore's opening to the sea has fang-like protrusions. The Gulf of Gore is red, but the red fades where it opens to the sea.

To the left of the Green is a large ravine. To the left of the rivine is a forest labeled Glenlocke and to the left of Glenlocke is a pine forest labeled Thornwood. Below Glenlocke is a plain dotted with acacia trees labeled Crystal. In the middle of Crystal is a lake which has a church on a hill right next to it. To the left of Crystal and below Thornwood is a mountain range labeled Atlas. There is a lake near the coast that has one river that leads up the Atlas mountains and another river that leads through Thornwood into the sea.

Below Atlas and Crystal There is a large mostly empty area. It is dotted with small landmarks like a large tree labeled Raven's Tree and a forest labeled Olimar's Jungle. There is a river from the Gulf of Gore that forks. One fork leads to a large lake with a forest bordering it labeled Nocturn and the other fork leads to a much smaller lake. At the mouth of the main river there is a small lighthouse. Below this lighthouse there is a ravine labeled Ostrich's Canyon. At the bottom of the contintent there is a march labeled Wailing Willows.

There are three islands to the South-east of the contintent. The smallest island is unlabeled. The second smallest island is labeled Malscoll and has a mountain range. A river leads from this mountain range to the sea. The largest island is labeled Glacies and has a mountain range in the middle that divides it in half and a river that leads from the mountain range to a lake and a river from the lake to the sea.