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A few spiders skittered off when you picked up this book. It is stained with chemical burns. Its smell is sweet, like old paper.

Science, Spiders, and Murder is about three immortal friends who have been out of touch with each other for a very long time, but have moved back in with each other. Over the course of 12 days they solve a few of their problems and learn how to be friends again along the way.

A digital drawing of a furred, long faced anthro creature with tall ears and wide eyes. He is wearing a pair of goggles on his forhead and a labcoat with the collar all the way buttoned up. The drawing is labeled Dr. Leshok Rae


Leshok, or Dr. Rae, as the mortals call him, is a scientist deticated to his research and the spread of knowledge. If only he was in any way a team player, this "spread of knowledge" might be a lot easier. He is paranoid and agoraphobic to the point where he rarely leaves his underground lab to interact with the outside world. His only connections are his friends Surlmog and Thistle and his siblings that rarely visit anymore. After moving in with his friends he realizes that he may be a little in over his head doing experiments alone and so resolves to get himself an assistant.

A digital drawing of an anthro goat with wired rimmed glasses wearing a button up and a labcoat. The drawing is labeled Welliam Shelley

Welliam Shelley

Welliam, Well to their friends and Welly to their family, is a young researcher just trying to get into a scientific field. As a last ditch effort, they accept an admittedly sketchy ad online to become the assistant to a local scientist.

A digital drawing of a rabbit-like anthro creature with bent ears like a rabbit and a single curved horn in the center of his forhead. His face is turned slightly away from the viewer and the eye that can be seen is squinted with a long scar across it. He is wearing a large bowtie. The drawing is labeled Surlmog


Surlmog has served a god of death as a reaper for a very, very long time. At first he was enthusiastic, proud to be favored by a being of such power but now, centuries later he is weary of all the blood and death. Surlmog is bitter and while he believes the fault of his past sins rest purely on his shoulders, he still harbors a vindictive hatred for those who had refused to help him in his past.

A digital drawing of a cat-like anthro creature with bandages covering most of their face. They are wearing a large tattered bowtie. The drawing is labeled Malaki


Malaki's in Ardach for business before they return to their reclusive workshop, away from civilization. Malaki should be done with running away by now, but when they see an old friend they are very tempted to flee from their guilt once again.

Malaki's origins in Olvion are unknown and what they're hiding behind the bandages all over their face is a complete mystery.

A digital drawing of a cat-like anthro creature with one eye and two small scars between their ears. They have a furred ruff around their neck and two spider-like appendages coming from their back. The drawing is labeled Thistle


Thistle is carefree and michievous and they're only in Ardach to have a good time! They like lying to strangers about things that don't matter and gluing coins to sidewalks. Here in Ardach they encounter an old friend for the first time in years, unknowingly kicking off a prophecy said friend has been preparing for its entire life.

A digital drawing of an anthro black vulture with its back to the veiwer. Its head is turned to the side and it has six eyes. The drawing is labeled Carrion Crow

Carrion Crow

Carrion is a Shadow Monster hell bent on defeating its arch nemesis, Thistle. It recieved a prophetic dream years before meeting Thistle that declared them sworn enemies and while Thistle thinks this is all fun and games, Carrion is going to fufill this prophecy one way or another.

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