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The Brightest of Hearts

This book's cover is very bright and almost shiny. It is strangly warm.

The Brightest of Hearts is a story about colorful animals, uncovering an old family secret, and overthrowing a monarchy!

Pixel art of a bright pink wolf with fluffy hair and a bandana around her neck.

Name: Cherry

Likes: Her pack, history, her home, flying, butterflies, cyan

Dislikes: The dark, going underground, mean animals

Feeling: Happy *ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ*

Trivia: She's from the Green.

Pixel art of a dark blue magpie with ears and hair that covers her eyes. She has a white heart-shape on her chest.

Name: Treasure

Likes: Shiny things, flying, making friends, gifts

Dislikes: Brown, sharp things, rain

Feeling: Relaxed ( •⌄• )✧

Trivia: She says she's decended from dragons (who knows if she's telling the truth).

Pixel art of a mint green fluffy cat with hair that covers half her face and small curved horns.

Name: Pearl

Likes: Swimming, green, forraging

Dislikes: Heights, heat, drying off after swimming

Feeling: Sleepyㅤ/ᐠ - ˕ -マ

Trivia: She can fold leaves into origami.

Pixel art of a red fox with small curved horns and long hair that covers half her face. She is glaring and has a gold necklace.

Name: Princess Crimson

Likes: Praise, animals who are nice to her, yelling, red

Dislikes: Breaking rules, blue

Feeling: Annoyed ˶^•‸•^˵

Trivia: She is Queen Lurid's niece, not her daughter.

Pixel art of a lilac fox with long hair that covers half her face wearing a gold crown. Her head is raised with her eyes closed.

Name: Queen Lurid

Likes: Her kingdom, monarchies, power, purple

Dislikes: Dirt, annoying animals, insolence

Feeling: Content ^-ﻌ-^

Trivia: She is the queen of Glenlocke.

Pixel art of a silver fox with a scar around his neck and holes in one ear.

Name: Shrowdly

Likes: Music, fire, playing pranks

Dislikes: Silence, being alone, small spaces

Feeling: Confused <(°^°)>

Trivia: He crawled out of the pit.

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