a digital drawing of a paper banner with Valrik Gallery written across it. The end of the word Gallery is squished, like whoever wrote it ran out of room. hearts are also drawn around it.



Welcome to the Gallery! There's art here! But only of one character. I figured I draw Valrik often enough that he could represent my art as a whole. For now it's pretty empty, but as time goes its going to get a lot fuller. You can open each piece in a new tab if you want to look closer and each one has a descripion if you scroll down on their individual boxes.

a digital drawing of Valrik from the waist up. It is looking at the viewer and is frowning and crying. both hands are suspended in the air by strings.


Valrik 10

Nothing to say. He was just on the mind.

a digital drawing of several smaller drawings of characters interacting. One is a headshot of one cat-like winged creature licking a bird-like creature on the head, while the bird-like creature looks slightly disgruntled. One is a drawing of Valrik, a pink creature dragging around a winged cat-like creature around by the scruff of her neck. One is a drawing of the bird-like creature sitting and screaming. One is a drawing of two kitten-like creatures; one is standing up and looking happy, while the other is crouching and looks startled. One is a drawing of a black vulture griffon curled around the cat-like creature. One is a drawing of a turkey vulture griffon with its claws on Valrik's shoulders, like he is showing it to the viewer.


Detri Doodles

Doodles I did of Valrik and his family! I just wanted to make something cute.

three traditional pen drawings dispayed together. The first is of a tall solid black creature with pointed ears and a drippy black background. it is holding the heart of the creature on the last page and its own heart is missing. The middle drawing is of a horned fox-like creature facing the viewer with the veins and arteries of the other two creatures' hearts wrapping around its neck. the last picture is of Valrik, holding the black creature's heart while his own heart is missing.


Opposites Attract

This was a class assignment! We had to make a tryptic. This picture makes very little sense to anyone who is not me.

a digital drawing of Valrik. he is sitting and a quilt pattern is in the background.



I just wanted to draw him. Happy Valentine's day!

a transparent digital drawing of a pink creature wearing a clown outfit. one leg is crossed over the other and one arm is propped up against an invisible ledge. the other arm is stretched out.


Valrik 9

I just wanted to draw him again.

a digital drawing of a pink creature on two legs in a clown outfit. one arm is stretched upward and strings are attatched tied to its wrists. it looks distressed. it has spiral eyes and its tail is forked. the background is a circus tent.


Cut Your Strings

This was mainly a test for this kind of rendering. It took so long I'm not sure if I'm going to attempt it again. I use a lot of puppet motifs when it comes to Valrik, hence the strings.

a transparent digital drawing of a pink creature with webbed ears, spiral eyes and long fangs. it is standing on two legs and its arms are stretched out, with the left one near the side of its face and the other reaching out. it is wearing a tailcoat and a tutu.


Valrik 8

A transparent drawing of my character, Valrik. He is vastly important to several of my stories, but is primarily in Dead Whispers. A lot of my drawings I just titled "[character name] doodle [number]" so that's why this is titled Valrik 8. Its the eighth Valrik doodle.