A gif with the text trans rats! in all caps on the left and a pikachu sprite from pokemon on the right. Pikachu waves its arm, blinks, and twitches its ear. A picture of an animal from Petz 5 zoomed up to its eyes. On the right the text says Dib's lab in all caps. A gif of a little computer object head character on the left bouncing up and down and text that says BeebFreeb. A gif of jack o' lantern glowing with the text hallowdaze in all caps. A gif with a skull that blinks with the text horror gif in all caps. It then cuts to pixel art of a closed book with the text necronomicon in all caps. A gif of two pokemon sprites, one is a porygon that is floating up and down and the other is a mew that also floats and then spins in a circle. There is text that says shiny exe. A button that says the nowhere zone in all caps. An eye is on the right side next to the text. A button with the text slinky fam with two gifs of people dancing on the left and right sides. A button with the text Primordial Dungeon in the middle and two flickering candles on either side. A button that says the wolf den on the left and an image of the moon on the right A button that says William Afton in purple text that sometimes flashes yellow and a sprite of William Afton on the right. A button that says pokemon found with a pokeball in the bottom left corner and a magnifying glass in the bottom right A button that says fairygore in fancy lettering. In the background there is a painting of two women with their heads mostly submerged in a pool of water. A button that says lunospace with stars in the background and pixel art of bellflowers on the left. A button that says pipistrelle with pixel art of a sunflower on the left A button that says the dark forest and a tree with an eye on it on the left. A button with pixel art of a gray wolf muzzel with the text Chronodove on the right in red. A button that says creature journaling.  a button that says mimikitty with a blinking gif of a white cat with little black horns and a pink bow

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A digital drawing of a goat-like creature curled up slightly. Its front feet are paws and its back feet are cloven hooves. It has fangs and a long skinny tail with a spade at the end. It is waring a bowtie.
Pixel art of a goat earing a bowtie.


Name: 13

333 Years Old

Feeling: So Scared

Occupation: Drawer of Creatures

I have no idea what to put here so I'm just going to say random facts about myself or my opinions. My favorite animal is tied between the turkey vulture, the black vulture, and the California condor. I have a cat and a dog. I badly played the flute for three years and I played the guitar even worse for a single semester in high school. We also own an organ but there's a big chair in front of it now so I can't play it. Despite all of this musical experience, I am extremely tone deaf. My memory is terrible. My favorite day of the week is Saturday. I will eat any kind of cheese but sharp cheddar is my favorite. I love clowns. Power metal is my favorite kind of music. I have a collection of small glass animals. I carry a stuffed animal with me every day (I cycle through many of them).

I created this site because I wanted a place I could put anything without worry of searching for an audience or appealing to an algorithm.


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A stamp with a picture of Scourge from Warrior Cats on the left and Scourge and a heart on the right. A stamp with an image of an andean condor and the text I love andean condors. A stamp of a panel of Tiny from Rise of Scourge. A stamp of an image of a hairless cat and text that says Rock. A stamp with an image of a turkey vulture and the text I love turkey vultures. A stamp of an animation of Scourge from Warrior Cat's paws stepping on the ground and blood flashing on them. It then cuts to a drawing of Scourge's collar and the text I support Scourge in all caps appears. A stamp of an image of a king vulture with the text I love king vultures A stamp of an image of a california condor with the text I love california condors A stamp of an image of a black vulture with the text I love black vultures A stamp of a close up image of a human face with the text I hunt humans for their skin in all caps. A stamp that says I support vampires. A stamp that has the logo for the Irken empire on the left and the text invader zim on the right in all caps. A stamp of Kris and Susie's sprites from Deltarune, with Susie's sprite being stretched and confused. It has the text kris where the fuck are we with fuck being in all caps. An animated stamp of Neferpitou from Hunter X Hunter. It pans down from their twitching cat ears to their face. A stamp of Neferpitou from Hunter X Hunter. They are smiling and the background is a galaxy. A stamp featuring the Scrubbing Bubbles mascot Scrubby with the text you have no fucking idea what you're up against beneath him. A stamp that depicts the episode of Spongebob titled Reef Blower. A stamp that says your visit is very appreciated!! with two DeviantArt emojis, to the left is the grin emoji and to the right is a waving emoji. A stamp that says slugma #218 on the left and a sprite of slugma from pokemon, a slug made of magma, on the right. A stamp of the flag of Palestine with the text Be Human in the middle. A stamp of the asexual flag with asexual written in the bottom right corner A stamp of the aromantic flag with aromantic written in the bottom right corner

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