Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania made by Team Cherry. It takes place in the kingdom of Hallownest, which is mostly populated by bugs with the Infection. It can be pretty difficult at points but beating a hard boss is really satisfying and personally, it's one of the funnest games I've ever played!


No. 3 8/10/22

I've made some progress on my secondary save file. In that one I did Dung Defender and Hornet Sentinel today. Most of my time was spent collecting geo and getting Grimmchild Flames. I plan on going through Deepnest and maybe beating Nosk tomorrow.

In my main save file I just did Hall of Gods stuff. I did attuned Nightmare King Grimm and radient Mantis Lords.

No. 2 8/6/22

I beat Nightmare King Grimm!!! I'm proud of myself! I also beat Failed Champion which I'm happy about for the sole reason that I hate that fight. Glad to be over with it. Grimm on the other hand is always fun to fight and I'm excited to see him in Godhome.

No. 1 8/5/22

Hi!! This page exists now! I'm not done with it at time of writing but yeah. The only reason i made it is because ive been playing hollow knight a lot lately so now its all ive been thinking about but also i want to work on this site a lot, so this is the compromise.

I think im going to fill this page with updates on my playthrough, because i love telling people about it, and the characters i like! this might be one of the post self indulgent pages on this site and im excited but a little embarrassed!

Now here's the actual playthrough update: I've been attempting the Trial of the Master in Godhome but Mato and Oro keep messing me up. I am getting better at fighting them though! I actually have a lot of other things I want to do as well; I haven't gotten the Dream No More ending yet because the Radience fight kind of scares me, I still need to finish the Trial of the Fool, and I need to beat Nightmare King Grimm. So many things to do, so little patience.



Do I even need to say anything. His design is cool, his boss music is amazing, his fights are fun, the whole atmosphere of his tent is perfect and Grimmchild is adorable. I recently found out Fangamer has a plush of him and now I desperately need it. I'm going to ask for it for my birthday, along with an enamel pin of him. I've always loved character designs with primarily red color pallets so Grimm's just perfect for me. Unlike most of the other art on this page, (which is from the game itself) the drawing of Grimm and Grimmchild sitting on this text box was made by me! I'm proud of it, I think I emulated the style of the game fairly well.


I don't have much to say about Leg Eater. His design is cute and I think the fact that you can get a discount at his shop while wearing Defender's Crest is silly. If you get all three unbreakable charms from Divine and then talk to Leg Eater he goes to the surface looking for her and she eats him. I can't really fault Divine for this though, I love her too much for that.

I don't have anything else to put here so here's a drawing I did of him with a little box of charms


None of you have any idea how often I think about this guy. What is his deal. Why does he know so much about the Abyss. What's the deal with masks and faces. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the Mask Maker is the only living character in the game who's been poisoned (for lack of a better term) by the Void. Personally, I think he knows so much about the Abyss because the Void speaks to him like it spoke to the lighthouse keeper. But that idea has its flaws, like how most other characters in the game affected by the Void were near it somehow, like the lighthouse keeper, who was inside the Abyss, and the holder of the Love Key, who seemed to have lived with the Collector. The Mask Maker though isn't very close to the Abyss, nor are there any void creatures living near him, so his connection to the Void remains a mystery. Regardless, he still fascinates me.