A digital drawing of an anthro wolf sitting with one leg bend and the other bent slightly beneath the other. One arm is resting on the bent knee and the other arm is obscured. He has a flower tucked behind one ear and is wearing a heavy sweater.

Close the book, Turn the page


This books smells sweetly of flowers. Its cover is green and mist swirls at your feet as you hold it.

Dead Whispers is a story spanning over most of Bog Myer's life, with each chapter dedicated to one of the many ghosts he meets along the way. It takes place in Crowdale, a small town in Missouri, U.S.A.

A digital drawing of a sheep-like creature with angular horns and large bow around his neck. He is smiling and facing slightly away from the viewer.


The Judge was once well known in Olvion as a mediator, skilled at de-esclating any situation. He is polite, perhaps too much so, and despises conflict of any kind.

A digital drawing of a cat-like creature with webbed ears and long fangs. It is grinning at the viewer with a paw on one cheek. It its wearing a ruff around its neck and wrist.


The Fool once dreamed of running away to join the circus but was never able and so makes up for it by being the most positive person in any given room! It views entertaining as its purpose in life and doesn't tend to know what to do with emotions other than happiness.

A digital drawing of a spiky creature facing slightly away from the viewer. It is glaring.


The Lepidopterist once studied the butterflies that gave the Lost their power, but something caused it to stop this research. It is painfully serious and its favorite hobbies are brooding creepily from corners and being a buzzkill.

A digital drawing of a jackal facing slightly alway from the viewer. They have an extra ear, two extra eyes, and is drooling green goop.


The Guardian spent a little too long around a radioactive waste dump and now they are extremely green. They are very relaxed but rarely communicate with others in any way. They are content to live on the sidelines. Where they came from is unknown.

A digital drawing of a furry creature facing the vewier and grinning. He has one curved horn on one side of his head and a scar where the opposite horn would be. One ear has a bite taken out of it and the other is shredded. He is wearing a large bowtie.


The Ghoul was the first of the Lost ghosts. At this point, he has spent longer as a ghost than he did alive. He is childish and a little irritable, but ultimately has a kind heart.

A digital drawing of a red fox facing up and slightly away from the viewer. She is snarling.


The Harbor was a fox from SOL that was stranded on Earth due to a leak between the two worlds. She hunted the wildcats in the woods by Crowdale for a long time before her death. She is quick to anger and bitter over her recent death.

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