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This book's cover is made of many different materials and it smells like many things, but you cannot pick any one scent out.

A Story of Everything is a tale split into four parts about five travelers, each one with their own goals. Three of which are new to the world they now inhabit, an Earth-like world called SOL.

A Story of Everything might end up being my longest story and I have years worth of plans for it. I first thought of it in elementary school playing with my stuffed animals, thinking about the Familiars, My Little Pony, Creepypastas, Warrior Cats, and Varjak Paw. It will be a mesh of what I loved then and what I love now.

Part 1: A Story of Death

Important Characters

A digital medieval style drawing of a wolf with a half skull face, and two skeletal legs. He is rearing up on his back legs with his front legs in the air.

Velgar, The Lich King is an old necromancer known and feared in the kingdom of Thornwood, but now his name has faded to myth and legend, a bedtime story to keep pups in line. His undead army has disappeared and he has reason to believe they were taken out of the Four Kingdoms and into the Wasteland to the South. More of Velgar's history can be found on the SOL page, though it's a little sparse.

Empress Olimar rules over a small rainforest, a patch of life in the endless desert that is SOL's Wasteland. Her lineage as governed this rainforest in peace for generations, but now Olimar dreams of conquest. She wishes to expand her empire into the Four Kingdoms and will do anything to achieve her goal, and while she focuses on the lands outside her home, her own people have grown to resent her.

Dwimorream is Empress Olimar's newest advisor and has done nothing but encourage Olimar's new obsession since she arrived. She has a grudge against the kingdom of Thornwood for unknown reasons. Sometimes when she is overcome with rage, her form shimmers and becomes transparent.


Back when I played stuffed animals with my brother, he named Velgar and called him the Lich King. Other than that, most of his story has changed. Some of his inspirations never quite left though. He was also inspired by King Sombra from MLP:FIM, which carries over to his curved crown looking a bit like Sombra's curved horn. Velgar is also sort of an inversion of the classic rightful king returns trope. He is indeed the rightful king of Thornwood, but in the end gives it up anyway and an entire revolution sprouts in his wake. He's also a lot like Simba from the Lion King, which was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

Part 2: A Story of Darkness

Important Characters

A digital medieval style drawing of a crow with small round spectecles

Cornix is a Shadow Monster from the Endless Dark. Cornix's father has disappeared, leaving nothing but a cryptic apology note behind. While searching for his father, Cornix finds a portal instead and it leads to another world. After going through it, the portal closes and he is trapped on SOL, a world of light.

Raven is Cornix's father. He is suspected of a murder by his fellow Shadow Monsters and so has been extremely unpopular among his own kind for most of his life. He disappears periodically and no one knows where he goes.

Ostrich is an ostrich with a genetic mutuation that made his wings abnormally large, so large in fact that he can fly. He worships the light of the suns and wants to stamp out the last of SOL's darkness.


The fact that darkness was consistantly portrayed as evil in fiction always really bothered me, so this is another inversion of a classic trope. Raven was actually my brother's character back when we played stuffed animals together, but I like to think the character has changed enough that I can claim him as mine now. The only thing that has stuck around is his connection to Cornix (though I think he was his apprentice at first?) and the name, which wasn't all that creative in the first place. His bright yellow eyes and the concept of a species of shadow creatures comes from an MLP:FIM fan fiction I read on Fimfiction when I was little where a Shadow Spirit turns some random pony into a batman-esk superhero with shadow powers. It was great and for some reason really impacted me? So that's why Cornix has yellow eyes.

Part 3: A Story of Pestilence

Important Characters

A eight legged creature with small tufts of fur at the end of her ears, an upturned bat-like nose, a furless tail, and a large tuft of fur at the base of her tail. She has no eyes.

Willow once lived in a cave system far beneath the surface with the rest of her kind, the Leyworms. But a prophecy sends her to the surface and even a year later she still feels just as lost as she did in the beginning. When she meets the Lich King, she follows him into the Wasteland in hopes she can finally find a place that feels like home.

Dogger, the Pirate Queen, has been at war with the island kingdom of Malscoll all her life, but now as queen she needs to make the decision to continue this centuries long war, or give all of her attention to the plague sweeping through her fleet.


Willow has gone through a LOT since I made her back in 2014 I think? She was originally the decendent of Sally Bones from Varjak Paw living in a Warrior Cats fanclan called WolfClan and at some point she died and became a Creepypasta. Nine year old me was having the time of its life making these crossovers. Her most prominent trait back then was her ears being perpetually covered in blood.

Part 4: A Story of Chaos and Fate

Important Characters

A digital medieval style drawing of a cat with bird wings, a scaled tail, a tuft of feathers at the end of that tail, small horns, and small fangs. She is rearing up on her back legs with her front legs in the air.A digital medieval style drawing of a cat with alternating bird feet and normal cat paws. They have one bat wing, one bird wing, a single horn in the center of their forhead, and fangs.

Lavender II is an Olagus living in Infallis beneath the shadow of her missing mother, which she was named for. During her search for her mother she finds a portal to SOL and tries to go through alone, only to be joined by her twin, Sheridan.

Sheridan is an Olagus living in Infallis who has always felt disconnected from their family but after following their twin Lavender into a different world, they feel a sense of belonging Infallis never gave them.

King Auscult rules over the island kingdom of Malscoll and has carried out his parent's war since he took the throne, but now he is old and tired of all the fighting.


These two were more weird crossover OCs! Sheridan's original name was Shadowtail which implies they were a Warrior Cat OC but they weren't, I was just lazy coming up with names. Instead, they were both Familiars and MLP:FIM OCs. Lavender I was one of the telekinetic cats in Familiars, and she had prophetic visions because she was special like that. Sheridan and Lavender II were her and Discord from MLP:FIM's children. So that's where Sheridan's mismatched limbs and Lavender's weird tail come from! I have debated changing Lavender's tail to distance her from Discord more, but I've decided it's just an homage and I don't have to change it if I don't want to. Auscult has taken Discord's role in the story and he still sort of resembles him in the mismatched limbs and scaly red tail, but personality wise the two are very different.

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